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Some things i did for Webmin:
The ODBC-Admin module v0.2

This module is NOT secure. With it, you can destroy ANY file on your HD!
If you still have the balls to use this horrible piece of sh^H^Hperl, make a COMPLETE backup before that.
And install the "odbcinstext.h"-header file (on Debian, use "apt-get install unixodbc-dev").

It allows you to configure both unixODBC and iODBC. Unfortunately, they seem to disagree on some details:

unixODBC puts a driver-name in the "driver"-column in an odbc.ini, while iODBC prefers to have a driver-library-filename there. Since iODBC only works if the .ini-file is iODBC-style (in contrast to unixODBC, which works both ways), we'll use iODBC-style, even though that leads to bogus DSNs showing up in some other ODBCConfig-tools.

Furthermore, unixODBC wants tracing options in /etc/odbcinst.ini, while iODBC likes them in the users odbc.ini-files. Well, sorry, but for now we only support unixODBC-style. If you use iODBC and you need tracing, click 'Edit configuration files', select a users odbc.ini and add something like
Trace      = Yes
ForceTrace = Yes
TraceFile  = /home/zaphod/iodbc.log
(or modify an existing [ODBC]-section).

Another little shortcoming is the fact that it only knows about one systemwide odbcinst.ini (usually in /etc), not those in the users home-directories. But don't worry about that, the world has some even bigger disappointments waiting just for you...

Update: v0.2 should work again, even with webmin v1.350 and above...
Download v0.2

The Debian Alternatives System module

Graphical setup for the debian alternatives system.
Download v0.1

Mozilla "Modern" Theme

Simple color scheme using the wonderful blueish grays from Mozilla's "Modern"-theme
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