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JackMaster - "Master Console" for the jack-audio-connection-kit

  • 100% pure C
  • Low CPU usage
  • Session management with LASH
  • Fader automation with ALSA
  • Number of inputs: unlimited
  • Crosstalk: 0.000 dB
  • Dynamics range: somewhere in the vicinity of 1529.23 dB

  • huh?

Minor shortcomings:
  • When an active channel is rerouted, you might hear a click
  • Ugly icon (at least, it is recognisable)
  • Number of inputs/subs and screen layout can only be changed by recompiling
  • Only stereo ports
  • No aux-sends/returns yet
  • No (LADSPA-)insert effects (yet)

I'm using the rather unusual .cpio.7z-format. Cpio, because it is much less wasteful than tar (especially with small files), and 7zip because of its awesome compression-ratio. If your favorite archiver-GUI can't handle this (like KDE's Ark), here's the command-line:
7z e -so dev_jackmaster-0.0.2.cpio.7z | cpio -i
7z e -so jackmaster-0.0.2.cpio.7z | cpio -i

Just a simple
./autogen.sh (only if you have the "developer-version")
$EDITOR config.h
make install
(as root, if you can't write in /usr/local)

The developer-version contains the same source as the user-version, but without the autogenerated stuff from GNU libtool, autoconf and automake. So if you don't have 'em installed and working, pick the user-version.

In case of trouble, these were used during development:
gcc 3.4.6
gcc 4.1.2
libtool 1.5.22
autoconf 2.61
automake 1.7.9
Jackmaster 16->4->1
Default configuration (16 ins, 4 subs)

Jackmaster 4->1
A rather minimalist configuration (4 ins, no meters, no solo buttons, no routing)
Version 0.0.2

Version 0.0.1
What our customers say about JackMaster:

JackMaster == great
JM is actually very, very good.
-- Art

jackmaster is really cool!
I really like Jackmaster, I'm using it a lot lately. Thanks! Great work :)
-- Alex

Re: jackmaster compile failure.
jackmaster is now a first class citizen of my little studio laptop, so I am happy.
-- siddharth
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