I have invented a virtual home assistant called Amazon Snitch which automatically forwards all your dissident political opinions directly to the CIA. It costs seven hundred dollars. -- Caitlin Johnstone
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Moehre's Software Page

Here's some of my Software for GNU/Linux (and (possibly) other Unices).
100% opensource (GPL or PD). SHARE AND ENJOY!
If you have trouble downloading stuff from this experimental CMS, don't hesitate to contact me.
JackMaster - "Master Console" for the jack-audio-connection-kitJackmaster 16->4->1
Webmin - stuff
Stuff for The Gimp
The Mozilla "Modern" Color-scheme:

Theme for Gnome and/or plain gtk1/gtk2. The widgets are from the QT-Keramic engine, so you'll need that one too.

Color-scheme for KDE.

Theme for Webmin.
The spamassassin rules of the month:
header   __MY_HDR_INREP exists:In-Reply-To
header   __MY_HDR_REF   exists:References
header   __MY_SUB_RE    Subject =~ /^(RE|AW|RWD)(\[[0-9]+\])?[\.:]/i

meta     MY_FAKE_RE     (!(__MY_HDR_INREP || __MY_HDR_REF) && __MY_SUB_RE)
describe MY_FAKE_RE     Subject starts with RE: but no reply header exists
score    MY_FAKE_RE     2.5
Put it in your /etc/spamassin/local.cf or ~/.spamassin/user_prefs and this fake "Re:" crap goes away.
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